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Drunk driver crashes into public bus, injures 11

Drinking alcohol is an enjoyable experience for many residents of Gwinnett County. For most, enjoying a drink or two is an activity that is easily managed and kept under control, making rational and safe decisions in the process. However, there are some people who make less-than-safe decisions when drinking – such as drunk driving. These choices can lead to injury and serious consequences for those who make them, as a recent incident shows.

A man was charged with several alcohol-related charges after being involved in a car accident. According to police, the man crashed his car into the back of a Gwinnett County Transit Authority bus, injuring 11 passengers onboard. The man was not injured. After the accident, he was charged with DUI, possession of an open container of alcohol, following too closely and reckless driving. At the time of the most recent details, the man was being held on $2,826 bond.

Alcohol can clearly have negative effects on decision making and these often-dangerous choices can lead to serious consequences. Although such situations can be fairly loaded against those involved, it can be important to seek the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Through investigation of the incident, an attorney can help ensure that no rights were violated during the time of arrest, such as tests administered to check blood alcohol levels.

Driving while intoxicated is never, under any circumstances, a safe activity. As this incident shows, injury and serious legal consequence can stem from drunk driving charges. While it is of course best to avoid driving drunk, those who find themselves in such situations do have the option to seek legal assistance to help them deal with the charges in the most logical manner.

Source: Gwinnett Daily Post, “Man charged with DUI after transit bus accident injures 11,” Oct. 6, 2014

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