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Former Calhoun high school students indicted on rape charges

No matter what age a defendant is, being accused of a serious crime could be life altering. This is especially true for a young adult whose life is just beginning. These allegations could seriously affect their reputation and could damage their professional and personal life.

Three former Calhoun High School students face serious charges. The charges stem from an alleged rape that occurred in May during an after-prom party. The three defendants all turned 18 after the assault occurred. The former students have been indicted on sodomy charges and one defendant has a separate indictment involving sexual exploitation of a minor.

The girl claiming she was assaulted was unable to identify her attackers. The young woman attended an after-prom party where she passed out around 2 a.m. She reported that she was raped by multiple men. Though she could not identify her attackers, police officials report that her injuries were very extensive. Before taking the defendants into custody, the detectives interviewed over 50 witnesses before finally arresting the accused.

The District Attorney highlighted the seriousness of the case by stating that sexual battery is punishable with a sentence of up to 25 years. The defendant that was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor faces this crime because of sexually explicit images of a minor that were found on Chapman’s phone. No information has been given concerning a date for trial.

Cases such as this one that involve minors and young adults require special attention. Without proper representation, a broken reputation could destroy a young person’s future. Beyond reputation, these charges carry a substantial amount of time in prison. The right legal counsel will ensure that an effective criminal defense is mounted on the client’s behalf.

Anyone facing a serious criminal charge should understand that they are entitled to a strong defense. Some charges are very complex and a defense strategy is difficult to navigate. Seeking guidance will ensure their best interests are protected and their rights preserved.

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