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New Georgia report spotlights dimensions of domestic violence

The executive director of a home for violence victims in Augusta points to the sad egalitarianism evident in domestic abuse. Aimee Hall notes that aggressors and victims come from all walks of society, with no race or particular economic class being immune from family violence.

Indeed, domestic violence is an equal-opportunity scourge in Georgia and throughout the rest of the country, capable of being suppressed somewhat but seemingly immune to eradication.

“How do you stop it?” asks Hall, rhetorically. “I don’t know.”

Here’s another question: How prevalent is it in the state?

Based on the number of violence shelters in Georgia and the attention and resources focused on the matter, the answer to that question is patently clear. Domestic violence is simply a large-scale and intractable problem.

Hall says that 25 percent of all women are violence victims at some point during their lives. She also notes that about 15 percent of all clients at her facility are males.

A newly issued study by Georgia authorities entitled the Domestic Violence Fatality Review Report casts a strong light on the circumstances that often surround family violence in Georgia.

Several notable findings emerge from reviewers’ scrutiny of key facts surrounding the deaths of nearly 100 violence victims in recent years. Those centrally include what are termed these “major elements that seem to correlate:”

  • Many victims commenced relationships with their killers while they were quite young, often teenagers
  • Most of the victims were thinking about leaving the relationship before they were killed
  • In many instances, victims made repeated efforts to leave a relationship for good before ultimately doing so

Domestic violence is tragic in every case, including false claims of violence that are sometimes made to gain an advantage in a family law matter.

A proven and empathetic family violence attorney can provide prompt and knowledgeable assistance in any domestic abuse-related matter.

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