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Drug Charges Archives

How 'constructive possession' lands people in trouble

Many people who live in Gwinnett County recognize that actually having a controlled substance on their person without having a valid prescription for it can land a person in court and facing drug charges. Some people, particularly younger people who like to attend parties where drugs get used, might get caught off guard by the concept that police in Georgia can also arrest someone and ask for charges based on the "constructive possession" of drugs.

Knowledge of options is crucial when facing drug charges

Circumstances can sometimes lead to situations that are less than desirable and may result in criminal charges. In addition, there are times that the police may not follow all the required procedures designed to protect the rights of the accused individual. In circumstances of drug possession and drug trafficking, accused offenders can face harsh penalties and consequences, which is why they should be familiar with criminal justice resources.

Twenty-two facing drug charges in Gwinnett County

It is important for accused individuals to understand the criminal defense options available to them in order to reduce the charges or penalties. The Gwinnett County Police Department Gang Task Force recently led an operation that resulted in the arrests of 22 people on drug and other criminal charges. Several law enforcement agencies were involved. A recent search of a duplex allegedly discovered a variety of drugs, including cocaine, Xanax, marijuana, Hydrocodone and Tramadol, along with seven guns. An earlier shooting led authorities to the duplex.

What is a scheduled drug in terms of Georgia drug charges?

Georgia residents have lived with the war on drugs for a few decades now. Wherever one stands on the wisdom of current drug enforcement policy, one thing is fairly clear: illegal drug use has not disappeared. Because of this, police and prosecutors continue to mount raids and sting operations in hopes of finding a large amount of drugs that can be photographed and used to show the public they are doing something. Unfortunately, this also means people can get caught up in this enforcement net and face harsh penalties depending upon their alleged involvement.

Women arrested in Georgia on drug charges after traffic stop

Two women were recently arrested in Georgia on drug charges after being pulled over by police. According to authorities, the traffic stop in a nearby Georgia community approximately an hour northwest of the Gwinnett area resulted in the police officers allegedly finding drugs. According to a jail report, a 27-year-old woman was driving a truck and was stopped at an intersection without headlights on. Authorities allegedly recovered white pills and several bags of marijuana packaged for sale, along with a set of scales. The white pills were believed to be Lortab.

What are drug diversion programs?

Many of our readers may have heard of drug diversion programs and wondered what they are and how they might help when an individual has been accused of a crime. In some circumstances, Georgia residents who are accused of crimes may qualify to have the charges against them dismissed if they complete certain agreed upon conditions. When the accused individual completes the required conditions, the prosecutor will dismiss the charges. There are different terms used in the criminal justice process to describe deferred prosecution, which may be used in a variety of circumstances, and drug diversion programs is one of them.

NBA basketball player faces drug and other charges in Georgia

Laws are in place to protect individuals accused of crimes, which is why it is important to be familiar with the legal protections afforded through the criminal justice system. Following a recent traffic stop in Georgia, an NBA basketball player from another state is facing several criminal charges. The basketball player was charged with driving under the influence, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and an additional traffic-related charge. According to the police report, a police officer was following the basketball player's vehicle when he observed that the tail lights on the player's vehicle were not working. The police officer also allegedly saw the basketball player's vehicle swerve from the right lane to the left lane and fail to maintain lane control following a turn.

Marijuana charges are as serious as any other criminal charges

Though marijuana charges may not always immediately seem serious, they are serious drug charges. Even small amounts of marijuana possession can lead to significant consequences and possessing greater than an ounce of marijuana qualifies as a felony charge. Possession of marijuana under one ounce is charged as a misdemeanor. However, any type of marijuana criminal charges can carry serious penalties and consequences.

Two arrested in Georgia for drug charges following anonymous tip

In a nearby Georgia community an hour and a half northwest of the Gwinnett area two individuals were recently arrested on drug charges. The arrests followed an investigation into two alleged plots of marijuana being grown in the area. According to authorities, the investigation began with an anonymous tip. When the two locations were raided, as part of the alleged grow operation, 140 plants were seized and $140,000 in marijuana was seized.

Woman arrested in Georgia for multiple drug charges

Individuals accused of drug crimes have protections they should be aware of and not forget. In a Georgia community under two hours north of the Gwinnett area a woman who worked at a daycare is facing drug charges for allegedly selling drugs in the parking lot of the daycare facility where she was employed. The 28-year old woman was recently arrested and charged with multiple drug-related charges including the sale of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine and possessing or manufacturing drugs near a school, as well as additional charges.

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